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The foundation of our training: enhancing attachment and bonding between babies and their parents through caring, nurturing touch.

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Bespoke Courses

In-house Baby Massage Training Course Contents

The content of the in-house baby massage training course is designed to meet the needs of the organisation funding the training. It usually includes group work, individual tuition, and supervised massage tuition by students with parents and babies to gain practical experience.

Included in the course are:

    • Principles of baby massage
    • Benefits
    • Teaching a sequence of full body massage strokes on dolls
    • Contra-indications
    • Cultural context
    • Demonstration of teaching baby massage to parents with their babies
    • Massage teaching practise by students with parents and babies
    • Early neurological and brain development of babies
    • Basic developmental stages of babies
    • The importance of emotional and social development with emphasis on parent-infant interaction
    • Preparation for baby massage
    • Logistics of a class
    • Importance and relevance of massage in baby care
    • Personal statements by students
    • Students' case studies
    • Assessments
    • Complete booklet of course handouts
    • Suggested lesson plans
    • Recommended reading list
    • Insurance advice
    • Continuing feedback and contact
    • Certification

Mother, boy and baby
“The feedback comments you have given to the staff are a good mix of encouragement and direction and I think they will be very helpful to them.”

Clinical Supervision Trainer, Surrey